Viktoriah Y.
Professional biography

Viktoriah Y is the CEO and founder of D&A New York, a fashion and branding firm dedicated to supporting single mothers of special needs children. As a mother herself, Viktoriah understands the difference between loving a child and providing for them, and became very aware of the struggles so many mothers face on a daily basis after her twin daughters were born. In 2017, she launched her company and has since become a trusted partner to parents in need of assistance and resources for bringing up healthy, beautiful babies.

A courageous advocate for special needs children, Viktoriah will never stop working to reach as many mothers and children as she can. For her, launching D&A New York has been the greatest blessing of her life, and she cannot wait to see what the future holds for her company and the many D&A New York family members who have come alongside her.

Today, D&A New York is a community of passionate parents and volunteers who support each other by assisting with needs that go far beyond clothing and fashion. For every purchase made, D&A New York contributes a portion the sale to its donation program which is made available to families caring for special needs children.

When Viktoriah’s not in the office, Viktoriah loves shopping, traveling, spending time with her daughters Divyha and Allessia, and volunteering her time to children with special needs.